UNITEC Civil Consultants Ltd. was registered by BRELA in 2006 as a company and in January 2008 as a Consulting firm by the Engineers Registration Board (ERB) specializing in Civil and Structural Engineering.
In addition to this, the firm also offers Project management consulting services. Relevant firm’s registration certificates with BRELA, ERB, Association of Consulting Engineers (ACET) and other legal documents are attached in the Appendix to this document. In 2008, the firm changed its name from Unitec Civil Consultants (Pty) Ltd to Unitec Civil Consultants Ltd. The firm is wholly owned by Tanzania citizens with vast and in depth progressive and responsible local and international experience.


The Project management entity oversees all the other sections of the organization including design and supervision of construction works. UNITEC Civil Consultants Ltd team of professionals has extensive experience with projects ranging from engineering designs, planning, quality assurance, project management and research in project management areas.

Specific expertise and capabilities entails structural works such as institutional, bridges, commercial, schools, industrial, residential, airport terminal buildings etc. On infrastructure projects, the team has expertise, experience and capabilities in the design, construction and supervision of the sewerage, sewage treatment plants, road projects, stormwater drainage, townships water reticulation projects, reservoirs and Environmental impact assessments. Likewise in Project Management the firm has experience and capabilities in managing projects such as Building projects, Airports, Bridges, Procurement services, etc.